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If queries about ‘Image Masking Service’ popped up in your mind right now, let’s crack all the mysteries about the service. Usually, an image masking service is required for tangled images that contain huge outer hair or any furry object.

From a straight perspective, the target of the Image masking service might be the same as the clipping path. But still, the slight difference is by the clipping path service; we can only remove the background of an image. Alternately, the Image masking process removes the background by keeping the shape, edge, and details of an image intact.

When the basic clipping path is unable to detach the background from the complex Image. In that crucial fact, when the clipping path is not effective anymore, graphic experts need to apply the Image masking technique.

The question might be arisen of why masking images?! Images with numerous curves, soft edges, hair, fury edge, wool, and so on claim image masking services. Also, the images of transparent sources like glasses, flames, smoke, and lighting require assistance.

At Clipping Path Apex, our skilled graphic designers apply this method for cutting out the backdrop from images as the other clipping path services. Still, there are significant differences between the Clipping Path and Image Masking Service. The Image masking method is a trendy tool among product photographers and fashion house owners who want to set their images on several backgrounds.

It definitely won’t be a wise concept to consider the task as handy to accomplish the project. Expert professionals can meet the goal of success in fixing the masking issues. We proudly announce that our experts have solid expertise in Image masking techniques.

While working on the masking project, our experts monitor every single detail and revise multiple times, even after compilation. Despite countless barriers, we accomplish every image masking project within a deadline. Including multiple applications, we merge the image masking technique with the clipping path technique to remove or replace the image backdrop.

As for the solid edges, the clipping path technique is used; for the blurry, sort, or furry edges, image masking is mandatory. In this fact, when it is completely impossible to grab more exquisite details of soft edges with the clipping path technique, an image masking technique plays a remarkable role to isolate the object from the backdrop. This is another system we apply for the product or object that has the closest colored background to that of the object color.

Our experts apply Pen Tablet (Wacom) to separate the product from the background with natural furry edges. With this method, we can swiftly blend complex and soft areas. The accuracy of the fuzzy edge and blending depends on the grip of airbrush size and sketching pressure, which can be achieved from the experts’ skill.

Alpha Channel Masking Service

From the perspective of our experts at CPA, the alpha channel is generally used to create a cutting-edge selection in Photoshop. When it needs to make a selection with an ordinary brush tool, we need to use a similar color to it as well as its transparency detail or alpha factor. Being an alpha masking service provider, our prior concern is about the selected transparent area that won’t be visible on screen in the expected resolution.

While creating this alpha channel in Photoshop, our experts require turning our current raw layer into a filled transparent layer by following the steps- Layer>Create new fill or adjustment layer. Plus, we can accomplish this procedure by selecting ‘Layer’>’ New fill or adjustment layer from the menu bar. This is how a new layer will be created below this original layer, and no transparency issues will be anymore.

For more details to count, alpha masking is pixel-based masking that displays product images, in fact, the shape of images rather than a color. Similarly, layer masking is superior to the masking technique regarding the huge file size. After extracting the complex Image from the backdrop, we store it in the alpha channel to modify brightness, contrast, exposure, and so on. Here Clipping Path Apex plays a vital role in perfection.

By applying an alpha channel masking service, our graphic experts can quickly reduce the file size by a massive quantity of images which is suitable for uploading on websites or downloading easily. We use channels to select objects or remove the background in specific scenarios. This technique is used to choose single-colored or non-zigzag background objects.

Layer Masking Service

At Clipping Path Apex, we apply layer masks for the multiple layers with soft, furry, and defined edges by Pen Tool. By this method, we can set a selection and modify the transparency of the layers with ease. The layer masking is the top priority for expert designers to applying the method in the layer masking service, as edges never get destroyed, and getting back every pixel is worth it.

Plus, when it comes to removing the background of tricky images with a soft edge, a vector path is not viable to accomplish this task. That is why we apply the Photoshop Layer Masking technique to instantly cut out images from the backdrop.

Best Transparent Masking Removing Service

A transparent image’s unnecessary backdrop is difficult with a vector path or clipping mask factor. In that case, our graphic designers apply a transparent masking method for the background removal of these images having gradient transparencies.

Transparent masking in Photoshop is usually applied for images with transparent glass, sharp lightning, glass accessories, and several product photos. And these web-friendly images are utilized for promotional purposes in product catalogues, web templates and e-commerce websites.

On the other hand, the critical images have a maximum of 0% to 5% opacity, so creating those transparent images is a challenge. The price starts from a minimal charge range, along with 5000+ image delivery compatibility in a day.

Fur & hair Masking Service

To extract hair & fur from the background, a pen tablet is the best system for soft edges and blurry images. Our skilled experts apply color, brightness, contrast, exposure correction, etc., if required to make objects natural. Hair masking is more efficient than clipping paths on the soft edges of a hair image. This is why, hair masking is an extremely delicate technique in photo editing industry.

Removing or masking objects from the background with rough hair, fur, or wool is quite challenging to deal with merely the pen tool. For hair masking, At Clipping Path Apex, our talented designers apply the Adobe Photoshop tool to accomplish complex layer masking on flying hairs. To remove the product from the background with natural soft edges, we apply a digital Pen Tablet (Wacom). Using a pen tablet, our expert designers get total control over the design tasks and achieve the maximum results with no trouble.

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